The Must-Haves of Fiction Writing

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The Must-Haves of Fiction Writing

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One of the most introspective and thoughtful activities you can do is fiction writing. If you just started your journey in writing, or you’ve done it in the past decided to review the basics, this blog is for you.

Before everything becomes successful, there is a need to go over the basics first. Even if you feel like you’ve mastered it already. This applies to writing fiction novels as well. Although writing will necessitate a lot of creativity, it will still require authors to know the basic components. Well, you can find no definite rules and regulations in writing fiction, but there are tons of techniques that you should know. Even famous authors use these techniques in writing their own. Here are some of the must-haves to write a better story and have a smooth sailing writing process:

Techniques and Strategies

If you want to learn some of the successful published authors’ techniques, all you have to do is read their books. It is the best way to learn writing strategies. If you haven’t decided on which genre you should focus on, read across genres. Don’t shy away from the possibility to get out of your comfort zone. One of the challenging genres you can write is the science fiction genre. There is a good reason why sci-fi is famous and loved genre of all time—it gives readers a full view of the future and brings new realities. If you want to write on this challenging genre, make sure to check out Wayne Scott Harral’s Sci-Fi and mystery book, Moon Luck. This book is for everyone looking for a unique storyline. Reading this will give you techniques, at the same time, it will also entertain you to a fault.

A Smooth-Sailing Writing Process

While you should learn the importance of editing, you still need to be in the moment of writing. When you have a smooth writng process, there will be a greater chance for you to formulate new ideas. Yes, there will be typos or grammar issues as you write, but you should cast your worries about it while you are at it. This way, you can put your focus on the flow of your ideas, and you will not get lost and forget things that you want to include. Freewriting is the key to successful writing.

Motivation and Passion

Just like any other aspect in life, you should also set short-term and long-term goals in writing. When you have short-term goals, you will be more inspired to reach long-term goals. All you need to do is to write everything down to keep track of it. When you see your progress, you will feel more inspired to fulfill each goal. Breaking down your goals will allow you to break down your tasks in a day as well. Hence, you will not feel burnt out from overworking because you are able to manage your tasks.

A Unique Writing Style

Every writer has their own style of writing. If you haven’t found yours yet, you should see to it before starting your writing process. A writing style determines how writers communicate with their readers. When you’ve finally found your style, it will set the tone of your story. The style can change depending on what write-ups they are writing. However, there is one thing about your writing style that you need to work on, and this is being original. Choose a style that radiates you and the people you are writing for. This way, you are focusing on what you desire and also targets the needs of your readers. Although the first point of this article says that you should read books across all genres to get ideas, it is still important to have your own unique style to capture the attention of your readers.

A Substantial and Powerful Theme

The theme is the underlying meaning of the story you are going to write. It should be something that you feel strongly about. However, you should also not forget that you are writing for your readers. Thus, you need to make sure that your theme or message should also be relatable. Often, you need to make the theme about life. Your theme is part of the reason why you are writing a story.







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