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Kelly Rains

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Jeff Pettitt


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Mike Doria

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Katharyn Jackson

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This was truly a great read! The author, Wayne Scott Harral, generated a engaging story through his thoughtful character development, in depth research, and creative story line. Something truly unique to this book is that, while it details advanced technologies, and makes some exciting leaps into the future with them, I feel it is accessible to readers with no knowledge of the current and future research in the areas, but remains enthralling to them and those familiar with the advancing field of space exploration. Again, amazing read! Highly recommend!!!


Reads like a Tom Clancy novel. The book’s scientific portions are well explained and easy to understand. The plot is very interesting with a group of highly achieved astronauts living and surviving together on the moon. Good read!


What is this book? Well it is nothing short of fantastic! Who doesn’t love a mystery and space…. or even better a space mystery! The only people who wont enjoy this novel are Communists! If this book doesn’t win a Pulitzer I don’t know what will… also how do you spell Pulitzer?


The author did a beautiful job of leading the reader into the core of the novel, and then BAM, the second hook was thrown. I was fully engaged and enjoying every bit of it, while finding it difficult to put the book down! Congratulations, Mr. Harral on a great novel! Sequel?


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as just a novel, but found it to be very well thought out and informative also. It seems to be a very plausible description of what a fairly near future lunar base could be like. Rather than just be a speculative essay, it was written as a very captivating story. I am looking forward to reading about what happens next!


With great interest, I found the suspense in the story riveting. One of those books “you can’t put down”, once the drama unfolds. There are quite a few characters introduced and developed, but all seem necessary to the plot. Lots of research must have been done. I applaud this author.


Enjoyed reading this book especially when the murder investigation started. I was kept guessing to the end about who the murderer could be. Mr. Harral has very detailed info on what the space station on the moon would look like and how it would function. Great book for space lovers and mystery aficionados.


Wayne Scott Harral is a skilled writer who brings this story to life with intelligence, emotion, and detail, which brings you into his world and makes you believe it’s real. He grounds the story in a solid foundation, which paves the way for the intriguing events to unfold in a convincing manner. You’ll find yourself immersed in the plot, the characters, and the trial, and soon you too will be asking some of the same questions as the characters. This is the kind of writing that’s missing in some sci-fi today: a simple story well-told, with hidden gems to ponder beneath the surface. You will also learn a lot from the details, and I could easily see this playing out as a film. The list of characters and glossary at the end of the book are an added bonus. If you’re looking for a murder investigation packaged in a thought-provoking sci-fi drama, be sure to read Moon Luck by Wayne Scott Harral before the year is up.

Author Tammy Ruggles

What a pleasant surprise! The “murder on the moon” element intrigued me, but the science around it was even more interesting. Mr. Harral, a civil engineer, clearly knows and loves science, technology and the subject of space exploration and he has a knack for making the reader wonder just where established science leaves off and science fiction takes over. Harral also utilizes his extensive experience as a world traveler and knowledge of international and cultural relations.

“Moon Luck” is an effective and unique combination of science fact, fiction and suspense. Again, a pleasant surprise and an entertaining and educational read. I liked it a lot!


Author Wayne Scott Harral’s murder mystery on the moon takes readers on a scientific exploration among 30 other astronauts. With so many characters to keep track of, the book is brimming with action and adventure. Harral’s novel is realistic and well- researched. His love and passion for science shines through on every page.

The mystery begins right in the prologue – an astronaut has been found dead. This short teaser hooks the reader leading them on the hunt to find out more about the mysterious death. I found the first chapter to contain the most lovable character – and favored the chapters including his split life between his family back home and his career up on the moon.

Harral’s book hands the reader a telescopic view to life on the moon. We see a variety of characters and their roles in the space station. They are all dedicated to their work, some are ruthless while others are kind friends. Harral includes a commentary on government operations – every character has their own views as well. I found his inclusion of commentary on authority an interesting addition to the book. The frontier of space comes with its own political climate between foreign leaders, internal conflicts and opposition from citizens – it is interesting to see the characters’ various view points on the given situation within the space station.

I found it interesting that in the very beginning of the book Harral acknowledges the fact that life on the moon is in civilization’s near future, however after reading the ending we see that moon life maybe farther away. I found this to be a refreshing and informative read, incredibly well-written storyline with a colorful cast of characters. It is a pleasure to meet each one of them and learn about their backgrounds and families – they are relatable without being stereotypical. While there are quite a few it is not difficult to keep track of them – Harral includes a glossary and character list at the end of the book which makes it easy to quickly reference who is who.

This book is a fun and captivating read for any age. It’s a perfect thriller to read in any season of life and draws the reader in to want more and more – until there isn’t any left. Arriving at the end of the book was exciting though I found myself wondering what could continue to happen next. Harral would give his fans a treat with a sequel.




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